I had been planning on creating a blog to write about the stuff I do on my free time for a while. In this blog I plan to write about the projects I develop as well as talking about interesting things I lean about technology, hardware, security, embedded systems, programming languages and more.

My first thought was to use a WordPress hosted at wordpress.com, but I didn’t want the adds. I searched on the net for alternatives and found out about the static website generators, which allow you to host the content in a static web server such as your github personal page. Right now this blog is posted in my server, but I may move it to github if there is some traffic.

The platform choosen is Hugo: a static website engine written in Go. There were other options such as Jekyll and Oktopress, but I decided to try this one because I love Go and because it’s really fast at generating the content.

See you arround!

Written by Dhole
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